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Game is played on a board divided into equal square fields. Board size - 8x8. Vertical rows of fields (vertical) are denoted by Latin letters from a to h from left to right horizontal rows (horizontal) - the numbers from 1 to 8 from the bottom up, each field is marked by corresponding letters and numbers. Fields colored in dark and light colors (and called, respectively, black and white) so that adjacent horizontal and vertical fields are painted in different colors. Board is located so that the near corner square to the right of the player is white (for white, this field h1, for black - box A8).

The players at the beginning of the game is on the same set of figures, conventionally called "white" and "black". In reality, the white pieces can be painted in any light color (white, beige, yellow), and black - in any dark color (black, brown, dark blue). Player with the white pieces, often referred to simply as "white" player's black - "black." In each set of figures includes: King (), queen (♕), two rooks (♖), two bishops (♗), two knight (♘) and eight pawns (♙). In the initial position of the pieces are placed on both sides, as shown in the diagram. White took first and second horizontal black - the seventh and eighth. The pawns are on the second and seventh horizontal lines, respectively. Chess pieces, left to right: king, rook, queen, pawn, knight, bishop

Vhess match begin white on sides make moves in turn, each turn moving one piece. If the way the figure is another figure (as the same or a different color) then move the shape on the field behind it is not possible, except for a knight that can jump over the figure. Progress in the field occupied by the figure is impossible. When the course of the field occupied by a foreign figure, it is removed from the board. Foot - the only figure whose progress without taking different turn-taking:

Pawn can make moves to take only diagonally one square forward. Moves without taking a pawn makes a vertical one square forward. If a pawn has not yet made moves, it can also make a move without taking on two fields forward. The direction of "forward" refers to the eighth horizontal direction for white or black for the first. When a pawn reaches the last horizontal walking should replace it with any other piece of the same color, except the king.

In addition, there are two special course:

Castling - if the king and one of the rooks of the same color have not moved since the beginning of the game, the king and rook, this could in one move at the same time change the position (castle). When castling, the King moves into 2 cells toward the boat and the boat is put on the field between the initial and final position of the king. Castling is not possible if the king or the corresponding rook already walked. Castling is temporarily impossible, if the field on which stands the king, or a field that he must cross, or field that it should take, is under attack one of the opponent's pieces, or if between the king and rook rokiruemymi is any figure. Castling is considered the King of course, not boats.

Taking on the walkway - When a pawn makes its first move into two cells, through the field, under the impact of enemy pawns, the response speed, it can be taken as a pawn of the opponent. Beating a pawn while taking walks on the field for hodivshey foot (ie, as if she went not into two, and only one field, see the example in the diagram). Taking on the passage is allowed only in direct response to "long" course of taking on foot, on the following passages it is no longer allowed.

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