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In kalah plays two opponents. Kalah Board represents 12 wells arranged in two rows, and two large holes on each side, called "kalah. In the initial position in each of the 12 holes lie to 6 stones. Progress lies in the fact that one of the players take all the balls out of any holes in its row and distributes them one by one in each of the holes and your kalah, kalah passing opponent.

If the last stone was in kalah, the player walks again if in the hole, belonging to him, which was previously empty, and the opposite hole rival contains stones, the stones of the two holes a player moves his kalah. When one of the players all wells are empty, ie he can not make the next move, the opponent moves all his remaining in the wells of the stones in his kalah. The winner is the one in kalah will be more than 36 stones. In case of equal number of stones (36 each) - a draw. Play Online:

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