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Nowadays Reversi is played almost all over the world. In the USA this game takes the second place after the Chess. In Japan it takes the second place after Go. The attractiveness of the game is explained by two circumstances simple rules of the game ( as you'll see they are much more simple than chess and draughts rules) and dynamism. Situations on the playing board are changing in a flash. All your wins in one step can pass to your opponent. Reversi game is held on a standard 8x8 playing board. In complete sets of Reversi game green field is used, but practically the color of the field is not important. This game can be held even on ordinary draught playing board.

Two players one by one put chips on the board the first one puts black chips, the second one white chips. You can move chips only so that between the new chip and his existing one on the board there was one line of opponent's chips ( down, across or placed diagonally). After such a move all the opponent's lines of chips which are closed after your move and which are contiguous to the new chip are to be turned over. If player can't make a move according to which the turn is carried out then the move goes to the opponent. If the opponent can't make the move either set of the game is over. The win goes to the person who has more chips on the playing board. The game is finished when all the fields of the game are filled. Wins the person who has more chips on the field. Draw game happens if the amount of chips is equal -32x32. So as to make a move in the beginning of the game according to the rules two black and two white stones are positioned in the center of the field (as illustrated on the picture).

In Reversi game angular fields are most important because it is impossible to occupy them. As a rule, the person that occupied those fields wins set of the game. New players are recommended not to try occupy the majority of the chips, but to occupy side and angular fields. While playing Reversi you can make a trap and hope that in a couple of moves you will occupy a lot of chips of the opponent. But when you achieve this position you'll find out that you were entrapped yourself. The dynamism of the game makes it really captivating. In the chess game the outcome of the end of the game is detected by the amount of chessmen. But in reverse game player with greater amount of the game can lose the game.

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