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I think it is broken...

mkgames Сегодня был на сайте 805 30 Solver Rank
! #355850   2019-10-03 19:23
I think it is broken, no matter what I do it is stuck on 91.7% have tried more than 12 different types and nothing works past this. I even tracked each type that worked by checking the % after each successful puzzled completed to know when I finished a puzzle type.

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Memo Нет больше недели 45 Solver Rank  2019-10-03 20:38 + 0
This achievement use only 12 types of puzzles, where you will solve more puzzles. If you solve more then 12 different types of puzzle it will not make influense on this achievement.
mkgames Сегодня был на сайте 30 Solver Rank  2019-10-03 20:58 + 0
I understand that only 12 types will count and that 20 need to be done for each type, but i have done each type one at a time until the % stops going up. then moved on to another type. I have 11 types that did give a % and then stopped so those should be done. I can't find a 12th type to start working on since no new types add any %.
mkgames Сегодня был на сайте 30 Solver Rank  2019-10-03 21:02 + 0
I would be most helpful if there were a list of what types count and which ones do not; or even better a check list of what types and how many of each have been counted.
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