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Ok, I open a puzzle...

wwotp Нет больше месяца 8 28 Solver Rank
! #435569   2020-06-30 09:41
Ok, I open a puzzle, the timer is already somewhere up in the thousands of minutes. What gives?

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GingerMartian Был несколько часов назад 41 Moderator Solver Rank  2020-06-30 13:02 + 2
You must have opened this puzzle before. According to the new rules, the clock starts ticking from the moment you open the puzzle for the first time. So if you open it today, play for a couple of minutes, then close and continue tomorrow, it will count as several hours. I suggest planning your time carefully when approaching complex puzzles to solve them in one sitting :)
wwotp Нет больше месяца 28 Solver Rank  2020-07-02 06:26 + 5
When I open a puzzle, and then do nothing because of a house call, I back out without touching the puzzle. Then when I go back in, days later, it's in the thousands.

I liked the old rules as a housewife...

The new rules suck. LOL
GingerMartian Был несколько часов назад 41 Moderator Solver Rank  2020-07-02 06:33 + 4
I understand your frustration, but, unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about it :( After all, the timer only matters if you participate in tournaments.
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