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For Android smartphones and tablets...

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! #461667   2020-12-09 19:10
For Android smartphones and tablets, we have two apps.
1. The first - is essentially a shell over the mobile web version and works only online. It is more convenient to use the site than a mobile browser, since it opens in full screen mode and visually changes many of the site's elements, for example, hides minor elements in puzzles in a special panel, changes the filter type, etc.


2. The second - appeared quite recently and is actively developing. Its main advantages are:

The ability to solve downloaded puzzles, even if there is no Internet, or the site is not available.
Fast loading speed, puzzles open almost instantly.
If you solved on the site, after logging into your account, your solutions and save are downloaded automatically.
When the application is resolved, it automatically transfers this information to GrandGames. If there was no internet connection at the time of the solution,
it will be possible to synchronize information later, when it appears, by pressing one button.
Improved optimization - the application itself understands in which mode to show the puzzle vertically or horizontally, switch to full screen mode or not.
Convenient puzzle selection functionality.
Puzzles can be solved an unlimited number of times to improve your score. The timer only starts running when you touch the screen.
All solution management is hidden in one button, which does not interfere at all, it can be freely dragged. Almost 100% of the visible screen is used for the game.

Over time, all the puzzles from the site will be added, as well as the functionality of access to tournaments, missions and more.

A small video demonstrating the work of the current version (1.03).

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