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Game coins are the conditional internal currency of...

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Game coins are the conditional internal currency of the site. You can get them in a lot of ways:

1. The most effective is to add Japanese crosswords to the site. For each crossword puzzle added and moderated, you will receive 200 coins, as well as two bonus coins and a magic ticket that you can sell and earn another 700-1000 coins, depending on the market situation.
2. Solve and evaluate puzzles and get game items and resources for it. They can be sorted out in different ways, in order to eventually get coins. The fastest is to sell on the market. You can sell at a higher price by placing a sell order, in which case you are bidding yourself. In addition, having studied the crafting system, you will understand that there are many other opportunities to get coins by buying, selling and creating items.
3. Invite other users to the site using the bonus codes https://grandgames.net/craft/code, or a referral link from your account. You will receive 1 coin for each puzzle that they solve.
4. Participate in the moderation of puzzles and Japanese crosswords and other puzzles (3 coins per voice)
5. Add puzzles to the catalog (bonus coins are awarded that can be sold no cheaper than for 30-70 coins).
6. Every 8 hours, the system gives out coins just like that (depending on your SiteRank level), only you need to pick them up on time: https://grandgames.net/takeprize
7. Create missions. Bonus coins are also issued for their creation. In addition, for each person joining the mission you will receive 5% of his contribution!
8. Play and win tournaments. For puzzles within the tournament, the drop drops 3 times higher, respectively, and you can earn more coins for this.
9. Accomplish achievements.
10. Win other board game players.

When registering, the player receives 100 coins. If a player has less than 10 coins, every day their number increases to 10. For premium accounts - up to 200.

You can spend coins on the purchase of items and tips, contributions in tournaments, missions and other sections.

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