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Mini Nonograms Contest 2022

GrandGames Admin
! #610135   2022-10-29 10:59

We are launching a competition for creators of mini nonograms dedicated to the New Year.
Any user can become a member. To do this, you need to add at least one Japanese crossword of your own authorship, vertical orientation and a certain size to the site during the period from 10/29/2022 to 12/31/2022 inclusive.
Add tag #mini2022 to description of nonogram. Each participant can create an unlimited number of nonograms.

In total, there are four nominations in the competition.

inyan Black and white micro (10x20 и 10x15)
inyan Black and white mini(15x25 и 15x20)
foaf Colored micro (10x20 и 10x15)
foaf Colored mini (15x25 и 15x20)

The winner of each of the nominations will receive a VIP account for a month, a unique sticker, honor and respect of GrandGames players. The same author can participate in several nominations.

Four best nonograms will be selected by voting in January 2023 from some most rated. Everyone is invited to participate!

All nonograms that have a contest tag are available at the link: https://grandgames.net/nonograms/tags/mini2022


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