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Puzzle constructor section launched

GrandGames Admin
! #610161   2023-12-09 14:03

We are launching our new section "puzzle constructor": https://grandgames.net/puzzle/online

It allows you to create any puzzle from any arbitrary picture without publishing it on the site. You can use absolutely any pictures, they are not visible to anyone except you and are not even sent to the server. All processing takes place entirely in your browser. In addition, in some puzzles, for example in classic puzzles, you can choose cutting options from which the puzzle will be formed, which is not currently available in the catalog.

Currently, four functional options are available for the game: tag, classic puzzles, sticky puzzles and floating puzzles. All other existing sections will be added gradually. It is also planned to implement saving the state of the game and the downloaded image in your browser. It is currently unavailable. Leave your suggestions and comments in the comments to this post.

Later, this constructor is planned to be used instead of the old puzzle type selection menu.

P.S. It is planned to introduce the oldest functionality into the designer, which in the puzzle section is labeled as “horizontal, vertical, panoramic”. We need to come up with some concise general name for it. If you have ideas on what would be the best name, write in the comments.



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