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A major update has been released in the puzzle section

GrandGames Admin
! #610164   2023-12-29 00:48

A major update has been released in the puzzle section. The main thing that has changed for users:
1. On the page for all puzzles, including those not accepted into the catalogue, it is now possible to select absolutely any option for the functionality of the game (Belarusian and Philippine puzzles are on the way), and not just two options for the functionality of the puzzles, as before.

2. There are many options for customizing the type of puzzle, you can choose different cutting options and sizes, and a square version of puzzles has appeared.
3. For solving any variants of puzzles and puzzles, a full prize is awarded with the same drop that a similar puzzle has in the catalog.
4. Users can create unlimited number of jigsaw puzzles.
5. If the player saved the puzzle, the save will automatically open when the user visits their page again and cliks "Continue game".
6. A list of all already created puzzles from puzzles with a status designation appeared (saved - yellow, green - solved)

7. A puzzle (picture) is considered solved when the player solves any puzzle created from it.
8. Puzzles previously labeled in the old selection form as “horizontal, vertical, panoramic” are called “simple” in the new form.
Their functionality has been significantly improved. If you missed it, more details here: https://grandgames.net/post/603687
9. Puzzles previously labeled as “curly, straight, sharp, wavy” are classic. The functionality has also been recently improved, more details here: https://grandgames.net/post/602588


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