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Championship 2022 Play-off stage

GrandGames Admin
! #610136   2022-11-26 15:33

The qualifying stage for the GrandGames 2022 Championship is over! https://grandgames.net/tournaments/10057

Congratulations to the six players who have successfully overcome this tough selection. For those who did not succeed, we wish not to be upset. In 2023, you will have a chance to compete for the title of champion again. The experience gained will greatly increase your chances of success. 4 out of 6 players of this tournament have already participated in the last stage of the previous championship: https://grandgames.net/post/526653

In accordance with the occupied places, the current table looks like this:


The tournament will be held as follows:

1. Each couple plays a match in the duel section.
Quarter-finals and semi-finals - up to 10 wins with a minimum margin of 3 points. Final - up to 12 wins with a minimum margin of 4 points.
2. The players of each pair can play the match at the time indicated below, or agree in a personal on a different date and time (but not later than the specified one), if it is more convenient for them.
3. One of the players announces the date when they agreed to play in a post with the #champion2022 tag no later than a day before the event (preferably earlier), the second player must confirm the agreement.

Preliminary dates:

1/4 (@elliott - @mvt222): 02/12/2022 19:00 (Minsk time GMT+3)
1/4(@s.i.a - @mgla): 03/12/2022 19:00

1/2 (@meduzia - ?): 09/12/2022 19:00
1/2 (@milutin03 - ?): 10/12/2022 18:00

4. We will publish the list of puzzles later. Each round of the match is played as follows:
Each round of the match is played as follows:

diamond One of the players, chooses the first puzzle from the list, rating "Doesn't matter", speed 3-10 minutes and the players play it.
diamond If the round is played, or the system has written that there is no suitable puzzle for you, play the next one from the list.
diamond Play until one of the players reaches the specified number of wins with the specified margin.
diamond If, suddenly, you play all 30 puzzles, start again from the first.
diamond You can take small breaks if necessary, chatting.

The whole game must be recorded on video (either a pure screen, or a video of how you play, or both, for example: https://youtu.be/OodqFtQJt_c

This is a obligatory condition for receiving bonus coins (see https://grandgames.net/post/525978 ) The entry must either be sent to us through any file sharing service, or published on YouTube yourself.

Please practice recording the game in advance, be familiar with the recording software to avoid possible technical problems during the game.

Good luck and enjoy the game! Here's how the previous final went:



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