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2023 GrandGames Championship

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! #610154   2023-10-28 09:59
The qualifying stage of the 2023 GrandGames Championship tournament has ended. 8 players who scored the most points https://grandgames.net/craft/info/champ_2023_point , which could be obtained in Epic tournaments throughout the year, advanced to the play-offs:


Total points:


Players starting position


All matches except the final will be played as follows. Players play until 5 wins with a minimum margin of two points.
Each opponent chooses any 6 types of puzzles from 7 categories:

And also any duration 2-5, 5-10 or 10-20. In one category, one player cannot choose more than 1 type of puzzle.
The couple independently agrees with each other on any time for the match and informs about the selected time, list, order and duration of the puzzles created by a post with the hashtag #champ2023 After the duel, the final score is written in the comments. You can start today at least.

Players arrange duels one by one. The first impression represents a more general tournament ranking. If no common puzzle is available during the duel, the game will take place in the next round. If the rounds are over and none of the players have won, choose a random puzzle for 2-5 minutes and play until we achieve an advantage of two points.

We will inform you separately about how the final will go. If this post gets 30 likes, we will try to organize an online broadcast like last year. If desired, tournament participants can organize a broadcast of their game on any available platform, such as Twitch, YouTube, etc.

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